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Dream Again

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2022

As America celebrates her independence from Great Britain, I’m reminded of the cost of reaching the goals we set. The courage, the sacrifice, and the patience of our founding fathers were unquestionable. Like us, they also had many flaws that would take centuries to correct, but courage gives time and hard work an opportunity to bring success. Don’t let your weaknesses convince you to back down!


This week I want to encourage you to be brave enough to pursue your goals and honest enough to admit your flaws. When you set sail in January, you could not have known the challenges we would face, but now you can forecast and revise your goals and timelines for the rest of the year.


The beauty of forecasting and mapping the vision is that you have a plan that is a living document. You can adjust as you go! This week take a fresh look at what you want to get done this month and let’s focus our courage on just 2-3 important tasks. Some weeks we need to gather our strength, knock out a couple of challenges and get the courage to press on. This is that week!


Make sure your leadership journey is about daring to keep dreaming even when everything is not on schedule. This keeps the journey vibrant and will energize you daily. One of the keys to healthy, vibrant leadership is to maintain the desire to dream and implement your vision.


Stay courageous,

~ Courtney

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