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Living in Friendship with God

friendship new year Jan 05, 2021

First of all, Happy New Year!

I am grateful to God for you and the blessings He is going to release into your life in this year, 2021. However, we cannot access them if we do not make the decision to live and lead at the Next Level.

I can still remember preaching at Trinity Baptist Church in London, England. It was a church comprised of mostly Ghanaians who had relocated to Great Britain. It was there that the Lord gave me a message about Peter’s imprisonment, and seemingly ensuing death through Acts 12. After I preached that message, I began preaching and living the message of Next Level Living everywhere I went. This message is simple: the life you want you already have. Start living at the next level right now! The ultimate goal in human life is a friendship with an amazing and holy God. How could anything ever top that? Money, fame, influence—nothing comes close to being God’s friend—and that is Living at the Next Level.

Once we choose friendship with God, our fulfilment isn’t a matter of getting to some new level in life. When we enter that friendship, we arrive. Friendship with God is the Next Level particularly as a leader in a troubled world. Once we “get there,” the journey of life in God with all of its ups and downs begins. The ups and downs don’t make us any less “there.”

God does have plans for you to “see something.” He wants you to experience the dreams and desires that He has placed in your heart for you and your team. As you keep walking in friendship with Him, embracing the journey as it unfolds, you will come into His plans for you in the right way at the right time.


Be Encouraged,


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