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Passing the Baton

Uncategorized May 04, 2021

Dear Leader,

As you journey through life remember that there is a generation coming behind you and it is our responsibility to nurture them to greatness.

Thanks to technological advancement, the world is changing rapidly and growing “smaller” every day. This has increased our opportunities to reach people around the world and to impact emerging and potential leaders. As a result of social media and other forms of communication, the generation following us is experiencing pressure and influence at a speed never experienced before by humankind. This is where we come in. As a leader in my community, I believe I have a responsibility to help the next generation make sense of all the influences and discover their purpose and potential in the midst of this changing world. In the relay race of life, we have to pass the baton of impeccable community leadership to them and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are prepared to lead. In the coming month, I will be sharing some tips for involving the next generation in the joy of community leadership and growth.

This week, I want you to begin by assessing your influence on the generation that follows you; How many relationships do you have with younger leaders? Do you seek the opinion of leaders who are younger than you? Do you listen and implement new ideas? How many leaders are you mentoring?

We are all running a race, but it’s not just a personal sprint, it’s a multi-generational relay! Let’s become effective at passing the baton of effective transformational leadership.


Excited about your leadership,


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