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Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

Dear Leader,

What an amazing time to be alive!!! I know we have had our share of pain, losses, and struggle over the last eighteen months, and I will readily acknowledge the horrific costs many have paid around the world. For the transformational leader, there is an opportunity to be a light and strength in dark places where so many feel weak. This is a moment in history that you were born for!

You were born into the world now instead of at any other time. Not during the Dark Ages or the Renaissance but now. You were placed on the planet now. We have been wired, designed, and equipped to prosper in the current environment. Why? Because people need what you carry in your heart and mind.

People are in search of your transformative leadership and their future depends on your courage to lead and lead now. Some call it fate, others call it fortune but I call it the sovereign plan of an amazing God… the opportunity to be the answer to someone’s question!

It really doesn’t matter what arena you lead in right now. Your sphere of influence is in transition and transition is the breeding ground for transformation. When things are already in flux and change feels overwhelming, people are ready for positive, kind-hearted leadership.

Could you see your organization responding to the needs of the community into which you’ve been placed? I see it!


Born for this,


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