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The Value of Relationships

relationships Dec 01, 2020

If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s the value of relationships. In many ways, it feels like everything has shifted and remains in flux. Many of the norms we built our lives around are no longer considered normal or dependable.

However, there is one constant, when relationships are strong and resilient, they outlast injustice, questionable leadership at the highest levels, and a global pandemic. My real friends are still my real friends. Crisis has taught me the value of friendships and still, none of those friendships have been as valuable as my friendship with God.

Leaders who effectively understand that there are three things that our relationship with God provides for us that are impossible to find elsewhere. They are a moral compass, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Leading is challenging, and without direction and emotional strength, it can be overwhelming.

As you expand your leadership effectiveness in the coming year, think beyond just the...

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