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Developing the Gift of Transformation

Dear Leader,

Change is never easy, and as a leader looking to change things in your community of influence, it must begin with you. Mother Theresa is remembered for often saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” What could be better? What could be different? It all starts with you being better and being different. Transformational leadership requires us to inspect and sometimes dissect our own lives while simultaneously leading change in the lives of the people around us. How do we prepare for such a potentially daunting task?

It starts with commitment and dedication to the process of change. I honestly believe that a willingness to learn is often a willingness to be transformed. CLN covers a range of topics to help you accept and walk in your divine calling. You have been singled out to transform lives and enact change within and outside your community. We may not reach our full potential quickly, but if we remain committed to the transformation process,...

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Who is a Transformational Leader?

Dear Leader,

Lately, I’ve been thinking that the real mission of CLN is to “Encourage, Develop and Deploy Transformational Leaders to Change Communities.” Then, immediately I think, “Who is a transformational leader?

We all know the simple definition of leadership... Leadership is influence. Leadership is what is required to move yourself or others from where you are to a destination. Leadership is the gift to produce a change in circumstances, yourself, others, and our communities. You, my friend, are leading every day, even when you don’t realize it!

The world is a collection of communities––family, friend groups, towns, cities, and other groups connected by geography, affinity, or both. At CLN, we desire to spur people to rise to the challenge of producing the change needed to improve the quality of life for those communities you influence. Where you live, where you work, where you study, or where you play... you are the change agent. Who...

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Make sure you’re familiar with these characteristics of a Transformational Leader!

Dear Leader,

Thank you for joining our last monthly zoom call! Whether you joined us live or caught the replay afterward, I hope your leadership process was enhanced by our discussion of the Transformational Leader. Our conversation was framed by four great leaders who have had a major impact on my life and ministry. Gideon Thompson, Richard Hilton, Sam Chand and John Maxwell have left an indelible mark on my philosophy of transformational leadership. These ideas we discussed resonated with so many of you. I wanted to review them again.

Transformational Leaders Must Be Transformed

I learned at the onset of my leadership journey that I couldn’t be an agent of change unless I was a product of change! To the degree you are willing to be changed will determine how much change you can catalyze. Bishop Thompson mirrored the power of prayer and scripture to change the leader first! Be determined to be a leader who is being changed by the tools you give others.


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