We Exist To Add Value To Leaders And Their Organizations

Calvary Leaders Network has members from numerous faith traditions and business leaders from all professions. We provide an innovative space for ministry and marketplace leaders. We don’t ask you to “leave someone else to connect with us” because we believe that having several connections helps to unite us all.

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Our Vision

“We Were Established To Love Leaders”


From our inception in 1998, we knew we were destined to love leaders. Initially, those leaders were pastors but today leaders from every profession are streaming into CLN. We love the opportunity to add value to leaders and facilitate growth in their leadership journey. We do that via webinars, personal coaching, consulting, and exposing you to leaders and resources that can assist you in your journey.



Our Mission

“We Exist To Add Value To Leaders And Their Organizations”


Our research has shown that leaders today are in desperate need of opportunities for growth for themselves and their teams. They are not necessarily looking for superiors who can direct them, instead, more leaders are in search of friends who can affirm and coach them.



Our Leadership

“We Are Committed to A Servant Leader Model”


Calvary Leaders Network employs a team of leaders in an effort to help meet the needs of our members. From licensed marriage and family counselors to church planting facilitators and those who focus on business planning, we have developed a team to meet a plethora of marketplace and ministry concentrations.



Our Resources

“We Want To Intentionally Provide What You Need”


Those who partner with us have access to all of our online content. Teachings on team building, communication plans, improving systems, job description templates, and much more. We offer Monthly Zoom calls to coach and encourage great leaders along with opportunities for roundtables with leaders like Sam Chand, John Maxwell, and Dale Bronner. All designed with you and your team in mind.



Our Beliefs

“We Are Totally Committed To The Truth Of Scripture”



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Our Members

“We Are As Diverse As God’s People”


Calvary Leaders Network has members from numerous faith traditions and we provide a safe
place for denominational and independent church leaders. We believe that having several
connections helps to unite us all. Today, we are much more than an alliance of pastoral leaders but we are a
network of men and women serving around the globe in various capacities that include missions, chaplaincy,
counseling, business, and church leadership.
You are welcome here!



We Exist To Add Value To Leaders And Their Organizations


Calvary Leaders Network is comprised of members from across the world. We believe that having a community of faith-minded connections helps to strengthen us all.

Our intent is to continue to place needed content on the CLN website page at no cost to you or your team. We will provide templates and guides to everything you need- from business plans to job descriptions.

Additionally, we have created strategic partners to assist you with confidential counseling, marriage coaching, financial management, and care for those of you who spend your life caring for others.





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About Courtney McBath

Courtney serves as the Senior, Founding Pastor of Calvary Revival Church and also leads the Calvary Leaders Network (CLN). CLN is apostolic and leadership covering for all leaders and faith-based organizations in the US and abroad. In his oversight role, Bishop McBath provides guidance, leadership training, and opportunities for accountability to affiliated ministries in the U.S., Africa, India, China, Bosnia, Peru, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic.

Courtney began preaching at 13 and was formally ordained at 18 years of age. After completing his undergraduate studies at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he went on to work in an architectural engineering firm and two other Fortune 500 companies.
In 1990, McBath moved his family to Norfolk to start CRC, which grew from 21 people to a membership of over 7000 today. Having served as a church planter, executive pastor, senior pastor, and business leader, Courtney’s heart is to educate and encourage leaders globally.

Currently, McBath serves leaders in ten nations on five continents and is committed to encouraging servant-leaders for life. In addition to his double major in humanities and engineering from MIT, McBath also holds a Masters in Biblical Studies and Practical Theology from Regent University, an earned Doctor of Ministry degree from Providence Theological Seminary, and an honorary doctorate from Regent University.

Courtney has been married to his wife Janeen for thirty-nine years and has four sons, a daughter, a son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. He and Janeen reside in Chesapeake, Virginia.


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Looking Ahead With Faith and Vision

Calvary Leaders Network (CLN) has grown rapidly over the last year and we anticipate the
steady growth of our team in order to provide a base for training domestic and international
leaders.  We plan to provide continued care for our network pastors, including financial
counseling and retirement opportunities. We also plan to increase business training and
specified coaching for leaders from different disciplines.

Our heart is to invest in God’s leaders through specific training, church and business
assessments, and personal interaction. We expect to provide the leaders in our network with
every possible tool for health and growth.



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