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One On One Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a valuable tool for those who have higher capacity for growth and believe they have the potential to function at a superior level. Coaching can assist those who know that the missing piece for them is ongoing accountability. This process can strengthen your ability to repeat the steps necessary for change.

An effective coach can provide for them  a vehicle to move from point A to point B. The effective leadership coach brings no personal agenda, he exists to help the person being coached to fulfill their dreams.

There are  four primary areas of growth that every leader needs in order to maximize his or her level of excellence.




Professional Performance And Preparation





Leadership Acumen And Growth





Organizational Effectiveness And Efficiency





Personal Relationships





If you feel that one on one coaching is an investment you would like to make please contact me and we will set up an initial conversation to discover possibilities. Coaching can be done virtually with anyone, in any part of the world.





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There are six major challenges that every organization faces on a regular basis. For the last forty years I’ve observed the huge frustration and disappointment that hits leaders when they can’t matriculate past the following six challenges.





Change is inevitable yet most are poorly prepared to endure it, let alone harness it and use it to move the progress needle.





No relationship, organization, or life is void of CONFLICT but the ability to handle conflict cannot be assumed.





The development of LEADERSHIP is a needed but sometimes daunting challenge.





In today’s world organizations are rethinking how they raise funds, spend RESOURCES and care for donors.





It has been said that every leader is an interim. Since we already know that there is an end insight, why not plan and prepare for that end?





One of our strengths is reviewing the SYSTEMS that control the assimilation and deployment of new people in the ministry.










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What others say about Courtney McBath





"Courtney McBath is a leaders leader! Like all leaders he has influence but Courtney leverages that influence to add value to others and help them succeed. That’s why mentoring him has been my joy!"


"Courtney McBath has been a source of light for people around the country. His exemplary leadership has inspired all that witnessed the indelible impression of his life’s work. His legacy is incalculable and his feet have left deep imprints in the sand for others to follow."


"I have known Courtney McBath for over two decades. He is a brilliant leader, strategic thinker, exceptional communicator, insightful teacher and most of all a strong friend. It has been my honor to have known him. I’m better because of Courtney McBath."


"There are two primary motives for following a leader; duty or delight. Courtney McBath is such an amazing leader that he doesn’t make you follow; he makes you WANT to follow! My life and my leadership are immensely better because of his example and his insight. It’s been my delight to be so impacted by his leadership."


About Courtney McBath

Courtney McBath is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Revival Church (CRC) in Norfolk, Virginia. He also serves as the leader of Calvary Leaders Network (CLN), a growing group of leaders, who serve the church and the marketplace globally. He is also the President of the Virginia
Bible College in Dumfries, VA.

Courtney began preaching at 13 and was formally ordained at 18 years of age. After completing his undergraduate studies at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) he went on to work in an architectural engineering firm and two other Fortune 500 companies. In 1990, McBath moved his family to Norfolk to start CRC which grew from 21 people to a membership of over 7000 today.  Having served as a church planter, executive pastor, senior pastor and business leader, Courtney’s heart is to educate and encourage leaders globally.

Currently McBath serves leaders in ten nations on five continents and is committed to encouraging servant-leaders for life. In addition to his double major in humanities and engineering from MIT, McBath also holds a Masters in Biblical Studies and Practical Theology from Regent University and an earned Doctor of Ministry degree from Providence Theological Seminary and an honorary doctorate from Regent University.

Courtney has been married to his wife Janeen for thirty nine years and has four sons, a daughter, a son in law, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. He and Janeen reside in Chesapeake, Virginia.




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