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Leading Through Your Pain

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2023

This month, I celebrated 33 years of leading a church that grew from 21 people to thousands in less than 24 months. The opportunity to add value to so many lives is a source of great celebration and fulfillment. However, this miracle has also been the source of great pain. Pain and heartache are a natural part of life and every leader must learn how to lead while in pain and processing disappointments. I've discovered that there are three actions that will help every leader to succeed in the face of their internal pain.


First, don't waste time trying to find someone to blame. That process will discourage you and has the potential to hurt the positive relationships in your life. Blaming doesn't solve anything! Find it in your heart to forgive and focus on the plan to improve, not on things you can't change.


Secondly, do not internalize your pain. Every leader must have a place to go so that pain does not consume your heart. Talk to someone who can effectively help you process your pain. Our Leadership Coaching Day coming up on September 15th is an opportunity to connect with fellow leaders who you can navigate the leadership journey with. The support of a community is essential.


Finally, lead beyond your pain. Keep running with a vision that is greater than your pain. See beyond where you are and become even more strategic about your mission. Be determined not to let pain derail you. Remember the great things and consider that greater things are coming!


The pain over the years has been tough at times but it's increased my capacity to lead and taught me how to stay focused at all times. Be sure to register for our Coaching Day on September 15, 2023. It's free for all CLN members and only $25 for all non-members. Click here to register today:

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