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Change Management: Craft the Vision

change vision May 02, 2023

Our leadership journey is often characterized by changes that we hope will help our organization grow and take us one step closer to our desired vision. However, change, even when desired, can be challenging. Our greatest successes will likely come through our ability to lead during seasons when changes are happening. Change brings out the best in leaders because change is required to grow and fulfill vision. This is why we are dedicating this month to discussing change management for leaders.


The first thing to do when you want to make a change is to develop an effective communication strategy to share your strategic plan. I would suggest you begin by:

  1. Finding another term to use other than the word "change."
  2. Determine the reasons for the change and how it will benefit your audience.
  3. Develop a timeline for implementing the change
  4. Determining how this will impact our overall vision?


Taking these actions will help you create a vision and plan that you can comfortably...

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