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Time Matters

We often hear people say there are just not enough hours in the day. Hey, you and I have said it! But my honest opinion is that the day was created perfectly with just enough time to fulfill destiny and purpose. The challenge is not a deficit of time in the day; the challenge is the ability to manage the time in a day.

Our time is broken down into days, weeks, and months and they are all connected. Our lives are driven by our sense of purpose, which breaks down into our thoughts, words, actions, and habits. To maximize our time, we have to be intentional about how we schedule our actions. Once we do that, every second, minute, and hour begins working to cause our purpose to materialize. This means we have to employ the tools we have to order our steps, and we discover that there is enough time!

When we approach every day with this knowledge, it helps us better manage our destinies. As a leader, when you begin to master time, your decision will have a ripple effect on your...

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3 Principles of Delegation

delegation development Sep 27, 2022

Communicating and delegating correctly is key to developing leaders. However, communication is a two-way street. It's not just about the person who is speaking but also about the person who is listening.


Proper communication allows you to set clear expectations, listen to and recognize individual strengths, provide feedback, and let leaders fully own their projects. Great leaders know how to communicate effectively with their team so that their leaders feel empowered, motivated, and engaged.


Setting clear expectations through proper communication allows you to delegate tasks properly so that, in time, your team members can become better leaders allowing them to grow within their roles while working on things they're passionate about.


In this video, learn how to build the communication skills that allow you to use the power of your voice to delegate tasks, build trust and create a positive influence in your organization.

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