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Communicate Clearly

communication vision May 17, 2023

In line with crafting the vision for new change(s), how we communicate change is essential. As leaders, we are tasked with being the spokesperson for the vision, so we must sharpen our skills. We have to prepare our team to fully embrace and understand the vision for the organization. As you work on creating the vision, document in detail the pathway for implementing the changes that new vision can stimulate. Your team and stakeholders need to be informed throughout the process, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns they may have.


However, no matter how strong your vision and change plan is, there will be those who resist change. Change is not always easy, so it's important to anticipate potential roadblocks and have a plan to address them in whatever form they might show up. Do your best to engage with stakeholders early and often throughout the process and listen to their feedback to address any concerns they may have. As much as possible, try to communicate...

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Build the Right Team

communication team teamwork May 12, 2022

Your value as a leader is often defined by the people on your team. Building the right team goes beyond finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills; it is about developing a sense of teamwork and commitment to the organization’s vision.


The process can begin with a decision to value your team’s members as individuals. You want your team to function as one unit but with many unique perspectives. You build a healthy team environment when individuals of diverse backgrounds and strengths are equally respected for their ability to contribute toward your common goal.


When you establish the safe space required for your team to thrive, communication becomes a necessity. As much as possible, keep your team aware of highs and lows within the organization and how they can be managed. Consistently ask: Are my colleagues happy with my work? What can I improve on? If they sense you’re frustrated, without proper communication, it can lead to...

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