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Being Coachable

coach Oct 19, 2022

True leadership requires humility. You have to serve others, support their vision, and even admit to being a little self-centered at times! Leaders who lead well often lift their eyes beyond their own goals and commit themselves. It also requires a willingness to learn from others, no matter their position.


Being coachable is one of the foundations of effective leadership. This willingness to accept feedback fuels the ability to improve. I want to encourage you to keep listening and doing the work of learning through the people who have coached and mentored you. What you glean from others filters down to the people you lead.


How can we deepen our skill of learning and growing?


Remember that learning is constant. No matter how much you know, there is always much more to know, and you can learn from anyone. Choosing to approach every day with this mindset ensures you remain coachable.


Keep listening and learning,



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