COVID-19 Encouragement For Leaders 2020!

succession Mar 24, 2020

As we are all establishing new normals in light of the COVID 19 epidemic, I
wanted you to know you are prayed for. Today I’m praying for you and your family and your ministry as you allow the Holy Spirit to lead and direct you during this time.

Remember that God is always fighting for you. That He is always your Healer,
Protector and Provider. Remember that nothing, including Coronavirus takes Him by surprise.

Finally, remember that YOU were made for this time, for this crisis, for this
victory. And He will do what only He can do..... He will make all things work
together for YOUR good and His glory.

Whatever you may need,I’m here for you. I am deeply honored to have the
opportunity to add value to your life and ministry.

With a brother’s love

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