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Boy, Did I Blow That!!

confidence maturity wisdom Nov 10, 2021

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve learned more from making the right decisions or from making wrong ones! I’m certainly not a proponent of making mistakes just to have experience, but I can’t argue with the results that have come from my “maturity by mistake” moments. 

For instance, I try to eat right most of the time, but several times a year, I “fall off the wagon.” I really blow it. That usually makes me do three things. Exercise more. Stop eating. Feel guilty. Here’s what I learned. 

Exercise more- My trainer often says, “You can’t outwork a bad diet.” So I learned something about inputs. No matter how hard I work as a leader, I can only rise as high as the information and instruction I take in! Check your leadership diet!

Stop eating - In the natural, this can slow your metabolism and potentially make you gain more weight. Take in more leadership material and instruction after you blow it. Like nutrition, increase your number of inputs, just maybe smaller portions! Keep learning, and don’t stop just because you made a mistake or didn’t succeed at something. 

Feel guilty- I do a lot of that, and all it does is reduce my energy and make me think about my mistake and not the corrective action. Forget the past!

You can learn a lot from the times you blow it. Focus on inputs into your life, determine to move forward, and feel good about the corrective actions you’re taking!

Let’s go, Team!



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