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Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

You often hear me say that “I live to add value to leaders!” What does that mean and how does that happen?

I am convinced that too many people live life to add value to themselves. To increase their income, their influence, and their inroads. Too often, even leaders think of material possessions first. What can I get out of it? How much will they pay me? I promise you that a life lived beneath the shadow of materialism is a dark and shallow life. Others live to have influence or power over others to get something for themselves. Notoriety, opportunities, and sometimes infamy becomes the result of all they do. Still, others live to be in certain circles, to make inroads into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And while many of these things are not morally wrong within themselves yet the constant pursuit of them above all else is a dangerous and unfulfilling life to live.

It is far better to live a life that instead of focusing on increasing your value, you focus on the value of others. John Maxwell taught me this principle as a very young leader. When he took the time to pour into a young, unknown pastor who had nothing to give him except the satisfaction of investing in my life. And as he nears 75 next year, he is still determined to keep adding value to my life. This, my friend, is a life well lived and one you can emulate. I desire to come alongside you in your journey and help you become the leader who transforms the community where you have been divinely placed.

I don’t need a title or a contract, just a little of your time and an open heart. Let’s take a journey on the road to your destiny and make sure you enjoy a life of leadership well lived. Are you ready?


I believe in you,


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