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emotional intelligence Feb 21, 2023

The work of emotional intelligence doesn't just benefit you but will blossom into a collective effort that will nurture a healthy organization. So how do we get started in this journey of leading your team to thrive emotionally and change the culture of our workplace? Let's start with the foundations of emotional intelligence.

Here are the four basic tenets:

  • Self-Awareness: Recognizing our shortcomings is a pivotal part of the leadership journey that sets the tone for a culture of emotional intelligence. When your team sees you accept your mistakes and make efforts to make things better, they will unconsciously begin to adopt the same approach while dealing with other members of the team.
  • Social Awareness: Social awareness can be summed up with one word, listening. Be willing to do the hard work of giving people your attention. When you listen, you learn and you are able to make the necessary changes based on what you have noticed. Again, your team will more than likely do what you do, not what you say.
  • Self-Management: Without discipline, we might struggle to fulfill our desired vision. Choose to manage yourself, keep track of the ways you might be falling short, and take the necessary steps to make corrections.
  • Relationship Management: See people beyond the work that they do. When we value people beyond their contributions, we are able to better manage our relationship with them. Be willing to celebrate, support and help accordingly.

Don't be overwhelmed! I will coach you through each step and together we can elevate the morale of your entire team.

Together we can do it,



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