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Keep the Peace

One of the most important soft skills within the corporate world is conflict resolution. As leaders, it is essential that we consistently find ways to improve our ability to handle conflicts within our organization. We are leading teams of people with different points of view, so conflict is inevitable. Choosing to carefully manage every conflict with emotional intelligence is important. How do we do this?

  1. Keep yourself in check: We might not be able to control other people's reactions, but we can control ours. Aim to consistently be the voice of reason and ease, even when you have every right to be a little irritated. Remember that when you're leading, there are consequences to responding to conflict inappropriately.

  2. Seek clarity: In handling misunderstandings either between other team members or involving you and someone else, ask questions. Enter every scenario with a desire to understand and seek clarity about what you are unsure about from both parties. This will ensure that no matter what the outcome, all parties feel seen, heard, and understand at least.


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