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Launch Pads for Success

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2021

 We are coming down to the end of the year, and our focus is turning to 2022 and all the potential it holds for our lives. Over this past year, we have discovered the power of pivoting from what we may have originally planned to a contingency plan that helped us make progress on our leadership journey. It seems that the barriers often become stepping stones or even launching pads for success!

This year as you begin to write out the Big Rocks of your goals and dreams, don’t be afraid to consider the potential barriers and hindrances. Begin to think about ways to navigate past those expected “unexpected hiccups” along the way. Your ability to be resilient and recover from setbacks, surprises, and stress will be the real determining factor in 2022. 

Remember that what seems surprising to you is no surprise to the God who created you and marked your life for a distinct purpose. As a matter of fact, He can take what seems overwhelmingly negative and produce something that is unquestionably good! 

Write out those Big Rocks. Assign some action items to them. Develop a timeline.  Get ready for a leadership ride that you won’t soon forget. A journey where every twist and turn is working to create your success. 

You can do it, 



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