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Leadership is a Muscle, Work It!

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2022

There is an age-long disagreement on whether leaders are born or made, with valid arguments on both sides on why they believe in either of the two. Personally, I have a different school of thought on leadership.


Whether leaders are born or made, leadership is a muscle that needs to be consistently improved upon. There is always more that can be better and always opportunities to be better leaders because new challenges will arise with the times, and how you handle them can define your growth trajectory.


So, how do we work our leadership muscles?

  1. Be introspective: Can you be honest with yourself? Are you able to assess your work performance, whether or not you're doing the things you ask of your team, and make improvements where necessary?
  2. Be willing to learn: Much of our lives, especially as leaders, are hinged on our commitment to learning and improving ourselves, reading the right rind of books, attending conferences, and receiving mentorship, among other things.
  3. Grow your vision: Look back on what some of your organization's goals were in the last five years. The fact that they have changed or grown in some way is a testament to the growth of your organization. If they haven't, take notes and action to redirect your growth and make things better.


The fact that you are reading this and working towards making things better shows that you are committed to being a leader that is working their leadership muscle. Keep going!

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