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Moving Forward

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2021

Dear Leader,

This June, we shared tips for walking the path of leadership, beginning from understanding that you were born to be a transformational leader for a time like this. You were born to be a light and strength in dark places where so many feel weak. You were born into the world now instead of any other time because you have been wired, designed, and equipped to prosper in the current environment.

It all begins with knowing you were born for this, but to navigate the journey and grow in leadership we must be lifelong learners. Consistent preparation is a core attribute of effective leadership. There will be seasons where we find ourselves doubting our abilities, especially after a failure. When this happens and you begin to question your role as a leader, draw strength by reminding yourself that you were created with a purpose. There will be setbacks and even more challenges, but you will survive and ultimately thrive.

Draw strength from your relationships with other leaders who care about you and are open to being a source of encouragement to you. You will discover that you can do more than you realize. 


Keep Moving,


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