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People Motivate People

motivation Apr 27, 2022

We were not created to navigate life on our own. Especially as leaders, we miss opportunities to develop relationships when we try to do this alone. You cannot nurture people, come up with ideas, and implement them without the camaraderie of community. In our quest to be part of a community, we must be intentional about connecting ourselves to people who nurture our mission, vision, and purpose.


Surrounding yourself with motivation, whether you need it immediately or not, is a meaningful way to cultivate a healthy culture of growth that can improve how you handle your leadership responsibilities. When you surround yourself with positivity, you adopt healthy beliefs and see life as happening for you instead of to you. It is important to remember that inspiration and motivation can come from all types of people!


Look for certain characteristics you want to have on your side:


  • Genuine/Positive People: People who have a genuine love for other people and a desire to see things work out are a must-have in all times and seasons.
  • Wise people: Even as leaders, we ought not to be the smartest people in the room. Have people in your circle who can challenge you intellectually and mentally.
  • Dreamers and doers: The world needs more people who can entertain wild dreams and go-ahead to put in the work to make those dreams come to pass.


You accelerate your success when you surround yourself with people you can learn from. Consistently read books, attend seminars, and be committed to motivating yourself as you lead your team.

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