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Put me in, Coach! - What every leader must do to STAY IN THE GAME!

motivation Oct 12, 2022

The key to reaching new levels in leadership is maintaining what I call a "teachable spirit"! This process helps us recognize that we still have so much to learn. In our past conversations, we have shared how to nurture leadership growth; the willingness to learn is the core of that growth.

How do you make the most of every learning opportunity?

  1. Listen:
    Listening goes beyond hearing something with your ears; it requires us to listen for the purpose of learning. It takes a genuine person to really listen and, hopefully, implement what you have learned. In some cases, you will have to listen to information over and over before it hits home and starts to click. So focus, settle in, and pay attention!
  2. Document:
    Have you ever not written something down because you believed you would remember and then you didn’t? Exactly. Documenting is at the core of nurturing learning. Take notes from what you listen to; coaches/mentors, podcasts, books, and other learning mediums. Take time to reread them as many times as possible. Learning happens through consistent repetition.
  3. Implement:
    The final stage of growth is doing. Learning happens with experience, so take the time to practice what you are learning. In situations when you are unsure what to do, refer to your notes and document after you have completed the given challenge so you can teach other leaders. It’s not about how you play, it’s how you practice.


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