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Sense of Belonging

Businesses, ministries, and non-profit organizations keep people connected by creating a strong sense of belonging. The vision, environment, and a loving culture are all critical to the sense of belonging, but none of these things is as impactful as a secure leader—a leader who has a sense of belonging in his/her own heart. Personally, knowing that I belong in God’s circle of friends helps me to lead others into a place of security and freedom. Creating a personal sense of belonging is essential to the growth of your organization.

Many leaders think creating a sense of belonging in your team is hinged solely on diverse representation. However, this does not guarantee that everyone will feel important and included.  For the team to feel a sense of belonging, they must believe the organization cares about them. You can achieve this by encouraging others to value what each person can bring to the table by caring for one another, advocating for everyone’s voice to be heard, and investing in their colleagues’ growth and development. Likewise, promoting flexibility and emotional wellness shows your team that you care about their distinct needs and demands –inside, and outside of work. Such signs of appreciation help nurture a sense of belonging.

In Living at the Next Level, Leaders Edition, you will learn how a close walk with God forms the core of your identity and offers a sense of belonging you cannot find anywhere else. This sense of belonging will help you lead and direct your team with confidence and clarity.

For the next few weeks, I want to remind you of the value of your most important relationship and the strength that comes through leading at the next level. The next level is friendship with God!


Be encouraged,


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