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Time For A Little Self Evaluation

assessment evaluation Mar 30, 2022

One-fourth of the year has already elapsed, and nine months remain to complete our plans for 2022. How well have we done so far in walking in purpose, remaining accountable to our Big Rocks, and encouraging others in their plans and goals?

In the classic book on leadership, The Leadership Challenge by Barry Posner and James Kouzes, they highlight five attributes of all exemplary leaders. These traits provide a comprehensive benchmark for us all as we process our own leadership journey. The study proposes that all great leaders will

  • Model the Way…lead by example.
  • Inspire a Shared Vision…cast a vision that connects people
  • Challenge the Process…refuse to accept the status quo
  • Enable Others to Act…empower others to utilize their gifts
  • Encourage the Heart…build up others through words and actions.

When you look at these first three months of the 2022 journey, how well have you functioned as an exemplary leader? You see, leadership is not just accomplishing your goals, but it’s leading others along the way! Are you consciously modeling for others the things you want to see in them? Does your team see you as the standard-bearer for the excellence you talk about?

You have talked about the vision with your team. Have you discovered ways to present that vision as something that will add value to everyone on the team? Have you answered the WIFM (What's in it for me) question your team asks daily? Show the team how a fulfilled vision will lift their lives.

How many times have you challenged the process this year? Your team needs to see you changing the ineffective, challenging the obsolete, and charting a new direction. Even the fulfillment of your own dreams will require walking away from some of them. Show the team that anything can change.

The final two attributes go hand in hand. Enabling others and encouraging the heart. The leader who desires to improve efficiency through enabling others will also need to be proficient at encouraging hearts. Who is empowered now that was not when the year began? Who have you spent time encouraging?

Celebrate your progress and get excited about learning more this year. In April, we will talk about ways to stay motivated!

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