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Welcome to a New Year!

assessment Jan 04, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you want to see improvement this year. You want to be better, you want those you love to experience greater joy and peace, and you want the people you work with to be successful at a new level. I knew it! You are a LEADER! Leaders always long for growth, improvement, and increase.

The only sure way to experience that is to do things differently than last year, and I would like to suggest a good place to start. What if, right here in January, in the first few days of this new year, we made a decision that could change our lives, not just this year? Ready?



I know, not profound at all, but this action can change everything. Too often, we have forgotten to put the first things first, and we may start in the right direction and veer off the path. Someone once told me, “Only a good thing can go bad!” The key is to evaluate what’s important, plan actions to improve and become accountable to the plan.

I suggest that you elevate relationships to the top of your list. With God, with family, with friends, or with your team…but put people first. Dr. Richard Hilton taught me to “always put people before things!” You can apply that anywhere you live or work. From the military to a hospital to an elementary school, it works when you put people before things!




Once you set some solid relationship goals, you can more effectively determine what else is important. Remember Dr. Sam Chand’s book, Who’s Holding Your Ladder?”? Not where your ladder is or how high your ladder is, but who is holding that ladder? If you have ever been up on one of those 40-foot ladders, you know that it’s important who is holding it! By prioritizing relationships, you secure the ladder of strategy and vision.

So I will leave you to your task of evaluating your priorities……. Please don’t procrastinate. Do it right now. Then determine how you will improve those areas with very simple action steps. Finally, place a date next to those steps, and let’s get going! I believe that if you summon the faith in your heart and reach out to the people who care about you, this could be your best year ever!


2023 here we come,


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