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Winning the Fight Against Discouragement

If life has taught me anything, I have learned things seldom go according to plan. Big Rocks will seem to take forever, people don’t always come through, and our goals may seem to elude us. At times discouragement will use the times of waiting, realignment, and revision to attack our joy and peace as leaders. We will have our moments when we question our ability and even our leadership purpose, but the key is to take action that keeps us from remaining in the valley of questioning.

All leaders go through these periods but what defines successful leaders and gets them back on the mountain is what they do while they are in the valley:

  1. Declare Victory: One of the most challenging steps to take is to look negative circumstances in the eye and still proclaim, “We can do this!” When you hear your voice reaffirm the next steps you, your team, or your business needs to take, it will push discouragement back on its heeled!

  2. Remember why you started: Focus on your long-term goals. Every setback is temporary if you keep going. It will pass. Go back and review your mission, vision, and purpose statements.

  3. Seek community: When you go through valleys of potential discouragement, don’t isolate yourself; instead, seek out the community that will bring you strength and guards against loneliness. If you haven’t developed those relationships, there is no time better than today!

The freedom and clarity that comes from assessing your leadership in moments of struggle is life-changing and can give you a sense of direction and peace for your next steps.

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