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Time Matters

We often hear people say there are just not enough hours in the day. Hey, you and I have said it! But my honest opinion is that the day was created perfectly with just enough time to fulfill destiny and purpose. The challenge is not a deficit of time in the day; the challenge is the ability to manage the time in a day.

Our time is broken down into days, weeks, and months and they are all connected. Our lives are driven by our sense of purpose, which breaks down into our thoughts, words, actions, and habits. To maximize our time, we have to be intentional about how we schedule our actions. Once we do that, every second, minute, and hour begins working to cause our purpose to materialize. This means we have to employ the tools we have to order our steps, and we discover that there is enough time!

When we approach every day with this knowledge, it helps us better manage our destinies. As a leader, when you begin to master time, your decision will have a ripple effect on your...

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How to Discover Leaders on Your Team

leadership teamwork Sep 07, 2022

The beauty of leadership is that “ teamwork makes the dream work”!


No matter what the vision for the organization is, we do not want it to be so centered on one or two people that there is no visible team! Developing strong teams ensures continuity but more importantly, it reveals the gift to lead in others, and this drives growth. When there is recognition of talents and contributions, other members of the team are inspired to do more.


Discovering leaders begins with creating opportunities for leaders to thrive. Micromanaging every member of the team is not an option if you are trying to discover and develop leaders. Give your team opportunities to handle tasks and decisions and provide the appropriate amount of feedback.


Immediate performance, whether good or bad, is not the priority in developing teams. The priority is the search for untapped potential in members of your team and developing that potential.


While leadership development...

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The next step in your leadership journey.

Hi Friends,

Anyone that knows me or reads my weekly letters knows that I am passionate and committed to community leadership.

I’ll tell you why. It’s because I have seen the power in having a strong community, which can come in several forms, family, church, or just your neighborhood. I have seen and experienced the power of quality companionships in communities.  However, this doesn’t just happen. Deliberate leadership and passion for community is a requirement for this type of leadership, which I define as “called-out leadership.” It’s demanding yet so rewarding when results are achieved!

Honestly, it can get overwhelming, and having worked as a community leader, I know that it requires close mentorship, the kind that Calvary Leaders Network offers! With our program, you’ll be investing in the leadership of you and your team and ensuring your effective impact on your community! Those who partner with us have access to all of our...

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Living at the Next Level, Leaders Edition

leadership next level Dec 08, 2020

Leaders need their own sense of right and wrong and the stabilization produced by their own moral compass. Our decisions can’t be made based upon public opinion or even the convictions of others. Leaders are tasked with helping people find their way and as guides, we must know our way. The leader has and will not reach perfection but must know his/her way well enough to correct their path when they drift. Leaders can’t guide skillfully without the skills derived from their walk, skills that are refined as they recover from the battles of life.

Thus, we must learn to lead ourselves, especially in areas of morality. This will never be achieved by just following a code or list of rules. Building strong relationships with like-minded mentors and leaders who can serve as accountability partners can go a long way in ensuring you are kept in check.

In my new book, Living at the Next Level, Leaders Edition, my goal is to help you establish your compass by building a relationship...

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Why your purpose in leadership matters so muchā€¦

leadership purpose success Nov 24, 2020

Dear Friend,

To conclude our series on leadership, I would like to focus on purpose in leadership.

The purpose of our lives is more compelling than personal fulfillment, peace of mind, or happiness. It defines our legacy: the way we shape people’s lives today and the impact we leave behind when we’re gone. It gives clearer, sharper definition to our reason for getting up each morning. Every leader must understand this.

It is not enough to have a title or coordinate a group of people. Ask yourself:

  • What is your purpose and that of your organization?
  • Does the purpose of your organization align with your personal purpose and value?
  • How far are you willing to go to achieve your mission(s)?

Leadership without a sense of direction or purpose is sure to give birth to mediocrity. When we are driven by purpose, we look for meaning in what we do and try to create enrichment and happiness in our lives and the lives of others. In that sense, purpose means identifying our reason...

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Top Priorities of a Leader's Journey


What are your priorities? Everything has a purpose. When we don’t understand the purpose of something, we tend to abuse it. It is essential that we come to recognize how to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives! Tune in for more information on leadership priorities!


Watch Next Level Leadership LIVE every Wednesday at 9PM EST


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The FIVE Critical Areas Of CHANGE

leadership Mar 24, 2020

As I talk to many of you and interact with leaders who lead leaders, there are six areas that seem to resonate with all of us when we think of our challenges.

They are:


Now these aren’t listed in priority order because the level of importance changes based on your situation. However, the idea of CHANGE is a part of every area of challenge we face and if CHANGE is not expected, accepted, welcomed and properly managed it can be a huge source of stress and struggle. 

Recently while reading The Unstuck Church by Tony Morgan, I ran across five areas that may be great starting points for you to establish a level of trust and unity that can endure CHANGE. While we may not agree on every attribute of a healthy church or even on the main objectives of ministry; I think we can agree that these five areas are critical. You must define them, articulate them and be sure everyone connected to you knows what they are.

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