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Balancing vision and reality

vision Jul 20, 2022

As leaders, we cannot help but dream. We must lead our team toward the desired vision in this fast-paced world. It requires consistently mapping out dreams and desires that align with the desired future.


In crafting our dreams, we often lose sight of maintaining a balance between our wildest dreams and reality. Because we desire a far better future than our current situation, we forget that things might not always go as planned. Yet, keeping reality at the forefront as we plan is essential. So how do we structure our vision around reality and life’s uncertainties?


  1. Be honest with yourself: Honesty is essential to balance vision and reality effectively. Take stock of where you are and where you want to be. How do you intend to achieve this vision? Put a plan in place. You don’t have to have the whole thing together, but you do have to start. A structure helps you understand what can be achievable and how.

  2. Discuss with the right people: While your vision might be public, your plan for achieving it should not be. Still, clarity about balance can be discussed with a small group. This could be your mentors/coaches or the board of your organization. Speaking with them will clarify some of the things we may have missed.


Consider these factors and good advice in building for the future. However, don’t forget that the decision is ultimately yours. Sometimes, your dream and plan will not make sense to anyone but you. If you are in that situation and believe God’s will for you and your team, take the necessary steps.


Keep building,


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