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The Inevitability Of Change Is Undeniable

revival Mar 24, 2020

All leaders have deficits to address. Sometimes we lack the people, or the financial resource, or the level of competency needed to complete a task. But you can be sure that with every deficit, at the root some level of change is required. Change in giving, change in vision, or a change produced by training - but the inevitability of change is undeniable.

At the end of the day all of our success will be measured by how well we initiate, manage, and endure change. In The Speed of Trust, Stephen M. R. Covey poses that when trust is high, change is smoother, faster, and less costly. But when trust is low, change is difficult, slow and extremely costly.

With this premise in mind, we will spend some significant time discussing steps to restore and enhance the trust levels of our ministry. We must make an honest assessment of where we stand in the four core capabilities of personal trust. We must look at where we are in Integrity, Intent, Capability and Results.

  • Integrity - The ability to be true to ourselves. To practice what we preach. To privately live out our public declarations is how we walk in integrity. When others see your integrity, they are open to trust you.
  • Intent - The ability to place the needs of others higher than our own. To minimize our agendas, while placing greater emphasis on an agenda that serves the needs of others.
  • Capability - This is your own competency or ability and it cannot be replaced by integrity or intent. People absolutely require leaders they trust to be capable and competent.
  • Results - This is your track record. Your leadership history that demonstrates your ability to produce tangible successes that can be measured and examined.
    Your discovery and honest analysis of your own “trust issues” will lay the foundation you need to move the ministry forward.

Discerning Vision by the Dollars

As you cast vision you will need to quickly put a price tag on that vision! Jesus encouraged us to always “count the costs”. You will have to determine a couple of things. 1) Do we have enough financial resources to do this? 2) How will I raise the deficit? 3) Are we supposed to do this now?

Pursuing Vision Requires People

More critical than financial resources are people resources! There are a few questions you have to ask yourself and your team.

  • Do we have someone who can champion this?
  • How long will it take to get them prepared to lead?
  • Am I willing to take it on if need be?

As we look carefully into the vision God has given to you and analyze the existing deficits, the Lord is going to broaden your strategy and fine tune your tactical execution! In preparation for our time together I would love for you to begin reading a couple of life changing texts.

Let’s get ready to rumble!


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Chand, S. (2017). Bigger, Faster Leadership. Thomas Nelson

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