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Creating Vision With Hope

hope vision Dec 06, 2022

We are in the final month of the year, and it is a joy for me to share with you as we collectively reflect on the victories and losses of the year. While there is room to be solemn as we think about the outgoing year, we should also nurture our hearts toward thanksgiving. There is much to be thankful for as we prepare for the year 2023.


As leaders, the transition from one year to the other looks different for us. We are tasked with outlining our organization’s vision, and while it is easy to write certain goals down, there is always an element of walking into the unknown. What will the new year bring? Will we achieve half the things on my plan? What about the things we did not achieve this year?


These are all valid questions to ask yourself as you prepare for 2023, but the first step of drafting a new vision is to learn from the past but not dwell there. Yes, there were a lot of setbacks. Yes, there were big rocks that had to be carried over, but the new year is another opportunity to restrategize and go further. It is a new beginning that we can not let the past define.


Step out in confidence,



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