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How to Discover Leaders on Your Team

leadership teamwork Sep 07, 2022

The beauty of leadership is that “ teamwork makes the dream work”!


No matter what the vision for the organization is, we do not want it to be so centered on one or two people that there is no visible team! Developing strong teams ensures continuity but more importantly, it reveals the gift to lead in others, and this drives growth. When there is recognition of talents and contributions, other members of the team are inspired to do more.


Discovering leaders begins with creating opportunities for leaders to thrive. Micromanaging every member of the team is not an option if you are trying to discover and develop leaders. Give your team opportunities to handle tasks and decisions and provide the appropriate amount of feedback.


Immediate performance, whether good or bad, is not the priority in developing teams. The priority is the search for untapped potential in members of your team and developing that potential.


While leadership development must-see performance as critical, you can’t lose sight of the impact of training, mentorship, and opportunities to practice. Leadership should produce results, but results can be intangible assets like conflict resolution, integrity, cooperation, discipline, and dedication. This is often what differentiates great leaders from good leaders. Great leadership is not just reaching the destination but how we build teams and relationships on the journey!


Every leader who develops others has to “get her or his hands dirty” and participate in tasks that your team performs. Get to know them individually and form genuine connections with as many people on your team as possible. The leaders will naturally reveal themselves.


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