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It Begins With You

vision Mar 01, 2023

The work of strategy does not begin when we sit to map out our plans. It begins from the moment we craft our vision, the moment we take on the role of leadership. One of the larger burdens of leadership is reminding yourself and your organization that every task or plan has to align with the overarching goal of your organization. This is strategy. With every plan drawn up, and every move to be made, we have to think of how it aligns with the goals we set for the organization. 

As leaders, we do not have the luxury of only focusing on the current immediate reality, there is always a larger picture and we have the responsibility of seeing it. How do we keep seeing that picture?

  1. Understand your purpose and goals: While it seems obvious, understanding the vision for your organization is essential especially if you are not the founder. This involves annually reviewing and clarifying your mission and vision, identifying your key stakeholders, and understanding your core competencies.
  2. Understand where you are: A SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat) analysis is an important way to ensure you keep your vision in check. Have some competitors that have similar visions and check your progress against them.

Navigating your strategy as a leader can be overwhelming but together, we will figure it out.


Grow in purpose,





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