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Mentor and Be Mentored

mentorship May 25, 2022

It is often said that we learn more as we teach others. In my leadership experience, I have found that to be the truth; teaching is learning. A healthy mentor-mentee relationship can be a consistent wake-up call and source of motivation for you as a mentor.


It helps you see how far you have come and how much more you can do. It also cultivates a culture of self-reflection on both sides, ultimately leading to improved self-awareness. This renewed understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses can significantly impact how both parties handle their day-to-day responsibilities.


Seeing your role and tasks through the eyes of someone genuinely interested in your work can be illuminating. There is a feeling of personal fulfillment that only nurturing others can give while elevating their credibility within your organization. It demonstrates confidence in your abilities and willingness to nurture others.


Still, make no mistake, mentorship requires that you do a lot of hard work. More often than not, your mentee will be someone of a younger age.


  • How do you keep them engaged?
  • How do you balance what you know and what they know?
  • Are you aware of current trends in your industry?


While mentoring, commit to being mentored. Leadership requires a healthy balance of experience and current trends. They are both essential to your growth as a leader and keep you accountable.
I am rooting for you.

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