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Model the Way

mentorship Nov 09, 2022

As my mentor, John C. Maxwell, says, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” That is, it is not enough to know what the right thing is, the real test of leadership is whether you are living what you are preaching.


If you have a child or have ever been around children, you will see that they learn by seeing what the people around them are doing. Hence, you have to be careful not to do the wrong things in front of them, or else they will start doing what they are not supposed to. This is how we have to think of our roles are leaders.


The people on our teams will probably not do everything you say, but they will see what you do and try to walk in the same path. If we do not take great care to nurture an exemplary attitude, we will establish a team that might not be committed to the organization’s vision. With every decision we take, we have to ask ourselves and our coaches if it is in line with the principles that we want...

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Checking for Coachability

coach mentorship Oct 26, 2022

This month, we have spoken extensively about coachability and its influence on your leadership and growth. It is an important skill that we must continue to work on every day because there is always room to be better. Still, how do you know you are getting better? Here are some tips for tracking your coachability growth:

  1. Are you listening more? Your reactions to conversations with people, regardless of their status, can be an indicator of how you are doing in your desire to be coachable. Do you listen to learn and be informed, or do you listen to respond and be right?

  2. Do you seek out feedback? It is one thing to get feedback without asking. However, actively seeking out feedback about your actions and leadership styles from people whose opinion you value is an important indicator of growth. This shows a personal dedication to growth.

  3. Are you consuming the right materials? Seeking out opportunities for learning is an example that you are taking the right steps. There are several...
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Encouraging Other Leaders

Identifying leaders, as we discussed in last week’s letter, is an ongoing process for anyone who wants continued success. All of us will find ourselves fulfilling the roles of mentor and coach, so I want to help you get ready to flourish.


The need for mentoring new leaders cannot be overemphasized in today’s world. Leaders at every phase of their journey need nurturing. Whether you’re a seasoned leader taking on new responsibilities or a young leader venturing into new opportunities, finding people who will share their knowledge is crucial. Sharing the knowledge and lessons from our experience as leaders to guide other leaders is a gift that cannot be minimized.


Mentoring and coaching, like all important aspects of leadership, begin with relationships. Just as we cannot discover leaders on our team if we do not take the time to get to know them, we can not offer the right guidance if we don’t have genuine relationships. One of the huge benefits...

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Mentor and Be Mentored

mentorship May 25, 2022

It is often said that we learn more as we teach others. In my leadership experience, I have found that to be the truth; teaching is learning. A healthy mentor-mentee relationship can be a consistent wake-up call and source of motivation for you as a mentor.


It helps you see how far you have come and how much more you can do. It also cultivates a culture of self-reflection on both sides, ultimately leading to improved self-awareness. This renewed understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses can significantly impact how both parties handle their day-to-day responsibilities.


Seeing your role and tasks through the eyes of someone genuinely interested in your work can be illuminating. There is a feeling of personal fulfillment that only nurturing others can give while elevating their credibility within your organization. It demonstrates confidence in your abilities and willingness to nurture others.


Still, make no mistake, mentorship requires that you do a...

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Why mentorship is essential for leadersā€¦

mentorship Nov 10, 2020

Dear Friend,

In our last letter, we highlighted one of the most important pillars of leadership: winning and maintaining the trust of people. In this letter, I will be sharing another important tip for the journey of leadership: getting mentorship.

Like winning people’s trust, getting mentorship is something that should start long before you occupy any leadership position. Personally, I believe that everyone—whether you have leadership goals or not—should have a mentor to help them navigate life. Look at it like this: there are things you know about life now that you did not know 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. Imagine that you could sit down with your future self and ask for advice. You would have wise and valuable insights to share with your current self, inspired by your experiences. This is the beauty of mentorship: it prepares you for the future and ensures that you don’t have to make certain mistakes.

Mentorship in leadership is essential. It enables...

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