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Oh Say Can You See…

Hope your year is progressing and you are feeling positive. I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to sing America’s national anthem, I was hoping to start a vision talk with you. Vision includes the ability of the leader to articulate the direction and persuade people to follow that direction. The other side of vision is found in my ability to see my own progress, success, failure, and struggles. The truth is that as the leader grows and develops, so does the organization. This week I started my degree at the University of Oxford and I spent very little time recognizing the faults of my team. I could not get passed the daily revelations of my own deficits. Whatever growth or change you want to see in others, begins with you.


As we navigate the often complicated path of emotional intelligence, I want you to begin developing a deeper self-awareness. One of the primary attributes of a leader with high emotional intelligence is self-awareness.


Regular self-examinations are needed to keep you on track and ensure that you’re improving at a rate that helps the entire team to grow. Every leader must make sure he or she is watching their own emotional and professional health. Taking care of yourself goes beyond physical activities like exercising and eating healthily. It is putting in the emotional work to consistently be a better version of yourself. As amazing as you are, there is always an opportunity to get better!


Keep pushing yourself,



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