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Why is a mission statement essential for leaders?

life mission purpose Oct 06, 2020

“How do you know if your mission in life is finished? If you’re still alive, it isn’t.” —Richard Bach

The process of discovering our purpose is as different for each one of us as our varied personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. Some of us are adventurous; others value security. Nonetheless, we must understand that the process is as important as the destination.

Some coaches have noted, “Many people live with a secret deadly fear. They dread coming to the end having lived a meaningless life.” Finding a mission and fulfilling it is perhaps the most important activity in a person’s life. A person’s mission is to live by their core values—passionately, consistently, courageously, and compassionately.

Our mission is not an addendum to life. It is the controlling force. Daily, we face multiple situations in which our mission directs our choices. It charts our overarching direction.                                                        

As a leader, you’re constantly asked for guidance. When you know your own mission, it helps you have the clarity to serve others. A mission statement is a clear statement of the reason for existence—for a person, for a family, and even for organizations.

People who aren’t sure where they’re going suffer from a variety of problems. Some become stuck and can’t make decisions. Others make snap decisions and often change their minds. Others drift from one new direction to another, because every new idea seems equally valid. All of these people share a few things in common: They’re confused and frustrated.

But life doesn’t have to be this way. Knowing your mission can help you chart a clear course for the future and navigate relationships. All of us have a tendency to drift, to forget, and to go off course. Writing your mission reminds you of your commitments and values. This is essential if we are to live a full, meaningful life.

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