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[Video] Learn to Lead Difficult People

facebook live video Sep 29, 2020

 Leading difficult people can be challenging, but how we approach the situation can make all the difference. Tune in to learn how to lead difficult people and how to respond effectively! When you operate under scripture, it will make you a man or woman of success!


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COVID-19 Encouragement For Leaders 2020!

succession Mar 24, 2020

As we are all establishing new normals in light of the COVID 19 epidemic, I
wanted you to know you are prayed for. Today I’m praying for you and your family and your ministry as you allow the Holy Spirit to lead and direct you during this time.

Remember that God is always fighting for you. That He is always your Healer,
Protector and Provider. Remember that nothing, including Coronavirus takes Him by surprise.

Finally, remember that YOU were made for this time, for this crisis, for this
victory. And He will do what only He can do..... He will make all things work
together for YOUR good and His glory.

Whatever you may need,I’m here for you. I am deeply honored to have the
opportunity to add value to your life and ministry.

With a brother’s love

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The Inevitability Of Change Is Undeniable

revival Mar 24, 2020

All leaders have deficits to address. Sometimes we lack the people, or the financial resource, or the level of competency needed to complete a task. But you can be sure that with every deficit, at the root some level of change is required. Change in giving, change in vision, or a change produced by training - but the inevitability of change is undeniable.

At the end of the day all of our success will be measured by how well we initiate, manage, and endure change. In The Speed of Trust, Stephen M. R. Covey poses that when trust is high, change is smoother, faster, and less costly. But when trust is low, change is difficult, slow and extremely costly.

With this premise in mind, we will spend some significant time discussing steps to restore and enhance the trust levels of our ministry. We must make an honest assessment of where we stand in the four core capabilities of personal trust. We must look at where we are in Integrity, Intent, Capability and Results.

  • Integrity - The ability...
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The FIVE Critical Areas Of CHANGE

leadership Mar 24, 2020

As I talk to many of you and interact with leaders who lead leaders, there are six areas that seem to resonate with all of us when we think of our challenges.

They are:


Now these aren’t listed in priority order because the level of importance changes based on your situation. However, the idea of CHANGE is a part of every area of challenge we face and if CHANGE is not expected, accepted, welcomed and properly managed it can be a huge source of stress and struggle. 

Recently while reading The Unstuck Church by Tony Morgan, I ran across five areas that may be great starting points for you to establish a level of trust and unity that can endure CHANGE. While we may not agree on every attribute of a healthy church or even on the main objectives of ministry; I think we can agree that these five areas are critical. You must define them, articulate them and be sure everyone connected to you knows what they are.

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