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Sense of Belonging

Businesses, ministries, and non-profit organizations keep people connected by creating a strong sense of belonging. The vision, environment, and a loving culture are all critical to the sense of belonging, but none of these things is as impactful as a secure leader—a leader who has a sense of belonging in his/her own heart. Personally, knowing that I belong in God’s circle of friends helps me to lead others into a place of security and freedom. Creating a personal sense of belonging is essential to the growth of your organization.

Many leaders think creating a sense of belonging in your team is hinged solely on diverse representation. However, this does not guarantee that everyone will feel important and included.  For the team to feel a sense of belonging, they must believe the organization cares about them. You can achieve this by encouraging others to value what each person can bring to the table by caring for one another, advocating for everyone’s voice to...

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[Video] Using Your Influence

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2020

To use your influence effectively, have confidence in your God-given mission, in your relationship with God, and in stepping out of your circumstances into God’s perfect plan for you!


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Inspiration from Leading at the Next Level

Every leader leads by inspiring others to follow. We cannot inspire others if we are not inspired ourselves. My friendship with God and other people helps to keep me constantly inspired and ready to live a life that fuels the fire of purpose in others. Never underestimate the power of daily inspiration that comes through prayer, mentorship, and surrendering to God’s mission for your life.

Inspiration in leadership is a necessity. Leaders can and must empower others to develop a passion for their work and how they accomplish it regardless of their role in the team. To achieve this, you have to invest in yourself so you can invest in developing the talent of those around you and help them reach their full potential. Your behavior should also inspire and push others to give and do more. Demonstrating your commitment to their work and values by asking questions, actively participating in work, showing positivity, and remaining calm even in the midst of raging storms will inspire...

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[Video] What Are You Doing with Your Gift?

facebook live video Dec 14, 2020

Are you an effective steward of God’s Kingdom? If you bury the gift, the ability, the skill that God has given you, it will not multiply. Strive to invest your gifts—grow, develop, and share what God has entrusted you with! 


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Living at the Next Level, Leaders Edition

leadership next level Dec 08, 2020

Leaders need their own sense of right and wrong and the stabilization produced by their own moral compass. Our decisions can’t be made based upon public opinion or even the convictions of others. Leaders are tasked with helping people find their way and as guides, we must know our way. The leader has and will not reach perfection but must know his/her way well enough to correct their path when they drift. Leaders can’t guide skillfully without the skills derived from their walk, skills that are refined as they recover from the battles of life.

Thus, we must learn to lead ourselves, especially in areas of morality. This will never be achieved by just following a code or list of rules. Building strong relationships with like-minded mentors and leaders who can serve as accountability partners can go a long way in ensuring you are kept in check.

In my new book, Living at the Next Level, Leaders Edition, my goal is to help you establish your compass by building a relationship...

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[Video] There are things you can't get from a book!

facebook live video Dec 07, 2020

Living at the next level means having friendship with God! Through this friendship, we have supernatural thinking, planning, and execution. You can’t get these from a book—only from God! Your leadership and your decisions should stem from your friendship with our Creator!


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The Value of Relationships

relationships Dec 01, 2020

If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s the value of relationships. In many ways, it feels like everything has shifted and remains in flux. Many of the norms we built our lives around are no longer considered normal or dependable.

However, there is one constant, when relationships are strong and resilient, they outlast injustice, questionable leadership at the highest levels, and a global pandemic. My real friends are still my real friends. Crisis has taught me the value of friendships and still, none of those friendships have been as valuable as my friendship with God.

Leaders who effectively understand that there are three things that our relationship with God provides for us that are impossible to find elsewhere. They are a moral compass, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Leading is challenging, and without direction and emotional strength, it can be overwhelming.

As you expand your leadership effectiveness in the coming year, think beyond just the...

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[Video] Look to See Vision!

facebook live video Nov 30, 2020

How do you start seeing vision in your life? Take time to analyze where you’ve come from, and the motivation, movement, and momentum of those around you! In addition, heed the responsibilities that arise out of your relationship with the Lord—let Him reveal your vision!


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Why your purpose in leadership matters so muchā€¦

leadership purpose success Nov 24, 2020

Dear Friend,

To conclude our series on leadership, I would like to focus on purpose in leadership.

The purpose of our lives is more compelling than personal fulfillment, peace of mind, or happiness. It defines our legacy: the way we shape people’s lives today and the impact we leave behind when we’re gone. It gives clearer, sharper definition to our reason for getting up each morning. Every leader must understand this.

It is not enough to have a title or coordinate a group of people. Ask yourself:

  • What is your purpose and that of your organization?
  • Does the purpose of your organization align with your personal purpose and value?
  • How far are you willing to go to achieve your mission(s)?

Leadership without a sense of direction or purpose is sure to give birth to mediocrity. When we are driven by purpose, we look for meaning in what we do and try to create enrichment and happiness in our lives and the lives of others. In that sense, purpose means identifying our reason...

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[Video] The Leader as a Servant

facebook live serve video Nov 23, 2020

Your goal should be to serve—not be served! Servant leaders are motivated by their ability to serve the purpose of others. Strive to be the leader that is recognized by their aptitude to put others first!


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