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Community-Minded Leadership

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

Dear Leader,

We have established in our past letters the essence of communities to our growth as individuals and as leaders. However, we must not forget that at the core of this ministry of building and establishing communities is a genuine heart for community. This is not limited to our immediate environment or family. It is an all-encompassing call to nurture communities to thrive in oneness, not just exist. It is to genuinely desire growth for all. This is the beginning of community-based leadership.

You must also keep in mind that these gifts are not just installed in us from birth, they are nurtured through the Word of God and a continued passion to see people and the world become better. It is a deliberate growth, just like we feed ourselves to grow in health. We develop a heart for community by consistently showing up and asking ourselves, “What can I do to make things better? What can I contribute to ease people’s burdens?” You must know that what matters...

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The Importance of Encouragement

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

Dear Leader,

In the 45 years that I have been blessed to be a leader, I have come to understand that sometimes, encouragement is all we need to achieve success in our individual and God-given goals. Proverbs 11:25 says, “He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” This means that God calls us to encourage and build one another ­– especially during tough times. The art of encouragement goes beyond prayers and words. It is a ministry dedicated to lifting people through many words, emotional support, actions, and even thoughts. It is a core part of leadership and when you are encouraged as a leader, you can encourage others with more confidence and strength.

Nonetheless, leadership is often a lonely road. People see you as a source of strength, wisdom, and encouragement and forget that you are human too and you need help, encouragement, and love on some days. That is why I firmly believe that leaders ought to stick together and provide each other with all...

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Developing the Gift of Transformation

Dear Leader,

Change is never easy, and as a leader looking to change things in your community of influence, it must begin with you. Mother Theresa is remembered for often saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” What could be better? What could be different? It all starts with you being better and being different. Transformational leadership requires us to inspect and sometimes dissect our own lives while simultaneously leading change in the lives of the people around us. How do we prepare for such a potentially daunting task?

It starts with commitment and dedication to the process of change. I honestly believe that a willingness to learn is often a willingness to be transformed. CLN covers a range of topics to help you accept and walk in your divine calling. You have been singled out to transform lives and enact change within and outside your community. We may not reach our full potential quickly, but if we remain committed to the transformation process,...

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Who is a Transformational Leader?

Dear Leader,

Lately, I’ve been thinking that the real mission of CLN is to “Encourage, Develop and Deploy Transformational Leaders to Change Communities.” Then, immediately I think, “Who is a transformational leader?

We all know the simple definition of leadership... Leadership is influence. Leadership is what is required to move yourself or others from where you are to a destination. Leadership is the gift to produce a change in circumstances, yourself, others, and our communities. You, my friend, are leading every day, even when you don’t realize it!

The world is a collection of communities––family, friend groups, towns, cities, and other groups connected by geography, affinity, or both. At CLN, we desire to spur people to rise to the challenge of producing the change needed to improve the quality of life for those communities you influence. Where you live, where you work, where you study, or where you play... you are the change agent. Who...

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Make sure you’re familiar with these characteristics of a Transformational Leader!

Dear Leader,

Thank you for joining our last monthly zoom call! Whether you joined us live or caught the replay afterward, I hope your leadership process was enhanced by our discussion of the Transformational Leader. Our conversation was framed by four great leaders who have had a major impact on my life and ministry. Gideon Thompson, Richard Hilton, Sam Chand and John Maxwell have left an indelible mark on my philosophy of transformational leadership. These ideas we discussed resonated with so many of you. I wanted to review them again.

Transformational Leaders Must Be Transformed

I learned at the onset of my leadership journey that I couldn’t be an agent of change unless I was a product of change! To the degree you are willing to be changed will determine how much change you can catalyze. Bishop Thompson mirrored the power of prayer and scripture to change the leader first! Be determined to be a leader who is being changed by the tools you give others.


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The next step in your leadership journey.

Hi Friends,

Anyone that knows me or reads my weekly letters knows that I am passionate and committed to community leadership.

I’ll tell you why. It’s because I have seen the power in having a strong community, which can come in several forms, family, church, or just your neighborhood. I have seen and experienced the power of quality companionships in communities.  However, this doesn’t just happen. Deliberate leadership and passion for community is a requirement for this type of leadership, which I define as “called-out leadership.” It’s demanding yet so rewarding when results are achieved!

Honestly, it can get overwhelming, and having worked as a community leader, I know that it requires close mentorship, the kind that Calvary Leaders Network offers! With our program, you’ll be investing in the leadership of you and your team and ensuring your effective impact on your community! Those who partner with us have access to all of our...

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We want to help you in your leadership development!

Hi Friends,

I strongly believe that everyone has potential and with nurturing, we can change the trajectory of our lives. This is why Calvary Leaders Network exists—for you.

We have built a community that is committed to nurturing great leaders even when you do not know you have the potential to lead. It does not matter where you are in the world, we want you to maximize that potential because as we all know, the world needs more great leaders. With the constant changes in life as we know it, leaders in today’s world need to be all about empowering and collaborating with their teams in empathy. The traditional style of leadership was more demanding and controlling and left team members with feelings of resentment. It’s time to make the change.

At CLN, we also know that leadership potential is not enough, great leadership involves a lot of refining and growth. This cannot be done alone, like most things in life, you need to learn and sharpen it with the help of...

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Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021

One of the greatest benefits of our network is the opportunity to connect with awesome leaders from your area of expertise and a host of other disciplines! One of my greatest joys is introducing great people to great people and you are one of those great people!

Calvary Leaders Network is home to nearly 200 leaders from all over the world who are determined to be their very best. Most of these leaders are extensions of the faith community and believe that God has called them to make a difference. The beauty of this is the potential to gain courage, information, friendship, and momentum from others who share your commitment.

We are also in the process of creating leadership teams from various segments of the marketplace and the ministry. This will be one vehicle for finding out from you what areas of leadership training are needed in your specific area. It will also allow you to connect with people in similar fields. I believe with all my heart that the most valuable asset you and I...

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[Video] Three Things You Can Do

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2021

This week’s teaching touches on three main strategies and a bonus strategy you can utilize to enhance your leadership! When you’re applying these strategies to your leadership, you’ll be ensuring your continued leadership growth and development!


Watch Next Level Leadership LIVE every Wednesday at 9PM EST


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Can I connect with you?

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

You often hear me say that “I live to add value to leaders!” What does that mean and how does that happen?

I am convinced that too many people live life to add value to themselves. To increase their income, their influence, and their inroads. Too often, even leaders think of material possessions first. What can I get out of it? How much will they pay me? I promise you that a life lived beneath the shadow of materialism is a dark and shallow life. Others live to have influence or power over others to get something for themselves. Notoriety, opportunities, and sometimes infamy becomes the result of all they do. Still, others live to be in certain circles, to make inroads into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And while many of these things are not morally wrong within themselves yet the constant pursuit of them above all else is a dangerous and unfulfilling life to live.

It is far better to live a life that instead of focusing on increasing your value, you focus on...

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